Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Do You Realise?

On that day you will realise that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. John 14:20.

When we stop to think about it we have to accept that Christianity makes outrageous claims. It shouldn't surprise us that people of other faiths have difficulty understanding ours. Take this verse for example. Our God, Jesus, lives inside us. Jesus, the holy and perfect one has taken up residence in the lives of those who have submitted to Him.

A Great Mystery
Muslims, for example, cannot comprehend how God could "demean" Himself to live in the flesh of the great prophet Jesus, let alone the rest of us who claim to be Christians but who seem to live such unrighteous lives.

The Bible frequently uses the word mystery to describe what the Lord has done for us. It is truly incomprehensible the almighty God, El Shaddai, should choose to dwell in the hearts of His creatures. But that is precisely what He does.

On That Day
As with so many things in the Christian life, we seem to need a revelation before we truly grasp the wonder of "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col 1:27). But it is a revelation that will be transforming. "On that day you will realise," said Jesus. Have you realised the implications of such closeness to, such intimacy with Jesus.

Priorities change when such realisation comes. Why worry about the gifts when you have the giver, why worry about healing when you have the healer Himself?

A dear friend gave me a little booklet by AB Simpson for holiday reading. It concludes with the following poem, entitled "Himself".

Once it was the blessing,
Now it is the Lord;
Once it was the feeling,
Now it is His Word.
Once His gifts I wanted,
Now the Giver own;
Once I sought for healing,
Now Himself alone.

Once 'twas painful trying,
Now 'tis perfect trust;
Once a half salvation,
Now the uttermost.
Once 'twas ceaseless holding,
Now He holds me fast;
Once 'twas constant drifting,
Now my anchor's cast.

Once 'twas busy planning,
Now 'tis trustful prayer;
Once 'twas anxious caring,
Now He has the care.
Once 'twas what I wanted,
Now what Jesus says;
Once 'twas constant asking,
Now 'tis ceaseless praise.

Once it was my working,
His it hence shall be;
Once I tried to use Him,
Now He uses me.
Once the power I wanted,
Now the Mighty One;
Once for self I laboured,
Now for Him alone.

Once I hoped in Jesus,
Now I know He's mine;
Once my lamps were dying,
Now they brightly shine.
Once for death I waited,
Now His coming hail;
And my hopes are anchored
Safe within the veil.

AB Simpson (1843-1919)

Prayer College Assignment
Ask the Lord to reveal to you more of the mystery of "Christ in you."

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