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Saturday, January 01, 2011

A New Year Letter To Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus,

I thank You for the way You have shown Your love to me. You stepped down from heavenly majesty into grubby humanity. You exchanged the glory of being worshiped by all the hosts of heaven to be worshiped by sin-riddled, hurting and confused people. In Your absolute purity You allowed yourself to be touched by lepers and kissed by prostitutes. You showed absolute compassion to the oppressed and raged at those who oppressed them. You became love incarnate and those who knew they needed love opened their hearts to You.

But then You carried out the most loving act ever witnessed in this world - You gave yourself to us completely and submitted yourself to be brutally murdered. We often say that You gave yourself for us and it is true theologically because Your sacrifice has paid the price for us to be reunited with the Father. But You also gave yourself to us as utterly as it is possible to give. Because of what You did we can now have You living within us, closer to us than our own breath, loving us from the inside - something which no human being can ever do for us.

Lord Jesus, I thank You that You love me completely, that Your love for me will never fail. Your love cannot grow because You are love, but my understanding and appreciation of Your love can grow. Please help me to love You more and more each day and give You the worship which you deserve.