Friday, April 24, 2009

Joy In Heaven

"There will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents ." Lk 15:7

There was joy in heaven when you committed your life to Christ. Your return to Him brought rejoicing to the Father's heart and He delights in you following Him day by day. It's a wonderful thing to be able to be able to bring joy to the heart of Almighty God.

A Permanent Party
There must be a permanent party going on in heaven as, moment by moment, more people come into the Kingdom of God and of His Son.

I was introduced to this week. In conjunction with Google they have a map showing conversions to Christ in real time. As people around the world explore their websites and click the button to save they've prayed the prayer of commitment, a flag comes up on the map indicating approximately where they are. I sat spellbound watching as flags came up in France, Russia, Spain, Azerbaijan, Iran ...

Wherever the Internet can penetrate there is the opportunity for people to hear about Jesus and respond to Him. National borders are no longer a barrier to people hearing about Christ.

Yet statistics show that the vast majority Christian websites are focused solely on Christians and have no evangelistic content. The church is slowly waking up to the potential this medium has to reach the "uttermost ends of the earth" but we are far from maximising our opportunities.

Internet Evangelism Day
Sunday 26th April has been designated Internet Evangelism Day. My prayer is that there will be enough publicity of this day to get more Christian organisations and individuals with websites to think about what they're there for.

Prayer College Assignment
Visit to be inspired by the power of Internet evangelism. Pray for the people who are committing themselves to Christ. Get onto discussion boards where you can share your faith with seekers. If you are a member of a church with a website ask the webmaster if they can include some evangelistic material. Above all, pray that those who want to know God will find their way to the evangelistic websites already out there, and play your part in causing yet more rejoicing in heaven.

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