Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Truth About Christmas

"I am the way, the truth and the life." Jn 14:6

On today's news I heard a report about a survey into people's belief in the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus. It was disturbing to hear that a quarter of those who profess to be Christians don't believe the Bible narratives to be true.

Alongside this, I have been debating online with someone who professes to be a Christian but is upset by the "My King" video which they describe as "frenzied, hysterical ranting," making comparisons with the Nuremberg rallies. In our discussions it has become clear that this person's concept of scriptural truth is very different from mine.

What is Truth?
Pilate posed the great fundamental and philosophical question, "what is truth?" The answer is that the Lord Jesus is the Truth. Humanity has always wanted to work out the truth for itself, it was our great downfall in Eden. But we have finite minds, incapable of comprehending the infinite mind of God. We cannot possibly know truth without having it revealed to us.

Jesus The Truth
When Jesus claimed, "I am the truth," He preceded that statement with, "I am the way." Until we bow to His authority and accept that His way is the only way, we will not be able to comprehend the truth. As long as we go our own way, any truth we discover will be distorted. Indeed it will be something less than truth.

Jesus is, "the way, the truth and the life." That life is abundant life, a life which we desire to live to the glory of God and in praise of who He is. There is nothing more satisfying to the human soul than to experience God in worship.

Christmas Truth
We are in danger this Christmas, as at every other Christmas time, of forgetting what it's really all about. It is not simply the biggest birthday party in the world. It is the revelation of the greatest truth ever told: that the Creator is so passionate about His creatures, He will become one of them in order to restore intimate relationship with them.

Human reasoning without revelation will always conclude that there are no such things as angels, that a virgin birth is impossible and that Jesus was simply a remarkable man around whom many myths and legends grew. It is just too uncomfortable to admit that there is a God big enough to do miracles because if we do it demands something of us. We would rather believe something less that a miracle and allow ourselves to live comfortable, rather than abundant, lives.

Prayer College Assignment
Re-read the gospel narratives of the nativity away from all the context of a carol service & all the Christmas trimmings. Let all the dazzle of the festivities slip away and place yourself as an observer in the scene. What to you hear? What do you see? What impact does it have on you? What is the truth about Christmas?

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