Friday, August 22, 2008

The Name of Jesus

I've been thinking a lot about the wonderful name of Jesus in the last few weeks and, as I pondered what I should write for Prayer College I realised that, back in January, I'd already written what I wanted to say. Why not refresh your mind and click on this link for The Perfect Prayer.

A New Hymn
I also want to share with you a new hymn.

Jesus, I long to see Your face,
To gaze into Your eyes,
To glimpse the beauty of Your grace
And claim at last my prize.
I want to bow before your throne,
The shimm'ring crystal see,
To join with thousand, thousand tongues,
In adoration sing.
It is my heart's desire, Oh Lord,
To sing the praise You're due.
To fall upon my face, my God,
Give all my love to You.
You are the fairest of them all,
Your name - perfume poured out.
You are the Lover of my soul
I would not live without.
I cannot give what you deserve
While to this flesh confined,
But I will offer all I have
Of heart and strength and mind.
(c) Lynda Scotson 2008
Please feel free to use this hymn. It fits a number of well known tunes including CRIMOND (The Lord's My Shepherd) and LYDIA (Jesus, The Name High Over All).
Prayer College Assignment
Take a piece of paper. Close your eyes and think about the name of someone you know well. As you do, you will find that things they have done, aspects of their character and personality, and your feelings about them will come to mind. Now do the same with Jesus. Think about Him, His character and personality, the things recorded about Him in the gospels, and your personal experience of and feelings towards Him. As these thoughts come to mind, write them down. I hope that they will provide you with an ongoing prompt for worship.

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